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Education with Vision

"Have you ever wondered what our children should be learning in these rapidly changing times? What skillsets should our children acquire? How do you put them in the best position to succeed? 
nhbubble has developed an integrated curriculum based on 6 dimensions: STEM, Culture, EQ, Language Arts, Nutrition, and Physical Education. We hope our children are able to learn and explore in a safe and nurturing environment. More importantly, our children should also build up the endurance to embrace the future. We are ready for the challenge. So are you! Let’s do it together! "

Sincerely yours,

Lisa Hsu


CEO of nhbubble Preschool

Our mission

nhbubble Preschool adopts “N”eo-“H”ighscope models to bring the best early childhood education to your child. Learning with nhbubble Preschool, children are able to develop holistic personality by building advance skills in social, emotional, cognitive, academic, and behavioral domains. In-depth learning and independent learning are highlighted to empower the kids to grow with confidence.

We want to make our students, teachers and parents feel like home while they are here and we want to build a memorable experience that will grow with the kids as they are our future.


Maintain balanced diet to boost immune system

Develop children’s social emotional skills

Enhance fine motor skills and creativity

Global citizenship and a broader worldview

Stimulate cognitive development and logic reasoning

Strengthen gross motor skills

Cultivate independent thinking and decision-making skills

Build interpersonal network and increase adaptability

Enhance observation, problem-solving skills and open-mindedness

Facilitate child’s imagination and innovation

Improve kid’s ability to explore and express

Learn to self-explore and express emotion appropriately

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