About Ni Hao

About us

Founded with less than 20 students in the fall of 2012, Ni Hao has flourished to several programs with over 2000 students and more than 70 passionate teaching professionals. We have one mission: to provide the best education for our next generation.



We believe in the idea of developing the whole child and aim to build a holistic personality. EQ (social-emotional development) is the foundation of early childhood education. Ni Hao Bubble curriculum is built from monthly EQ stories that target specific social-emotional skills and combined with engaging and explorative topics. While building the elementary skills for daily activity and socializing, children learn to initiate learning activities and build their own goals and purposes. NHBubble provides a comprehensive learning curriculum that provides the needs to learn about all necessary early childhood skills and subjects and the ability to learn at home anytime. 



Ni Hao Bubble materials are created by a team of teachers, curriculum designers, artists, writers, and composers. We aim to provide your child with the best quality educational materials and resources possible. (Picture of EQ stories and worksheets) Ni Hao Bubble’s storybooks, EQ stories, worksheets, and learning videos created by those who are dedicated to offering the highest quality bilingual education to children from 2-6.5 years old. Mandarin-speaking learning videos that immerse children in a Mandarin-speaking environment while learning about different early childhood subjects and topics.