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Education with Vision


Torrance Preschool English Enrichment Program

Pre-school English enrichment program

More choices for parents, more fun for children! nhbubble Torrance Preschool offers English Preschool Program in a mixed-age setting, which encourages children of various ages to engage, interact and cooperate in skill building together. Reinforcing younger children's readiness and cognitive development, nhbubble English Preschool Program uses our unique SMART learning model and integrates STEAM, arts, culture into the curriculum.

  • High-quality education

  • Activity-based learning

  • Pure English environment

  • Prepare kids for elementary school

  • STEAM+C and social emotional development

Book a tour with us

Ask our course specialist to find the class that fits your child’s needs.

Schedule a tour to one of our locations to better know our school.    

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