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neo-highschope takes the framework from HighScope. The HighScope approach emphasizes the broad cognitive, social and physical abilities that are important for all children rather than focusing on a child’s deficits. Our program identifies where children are developmentally and then provides a rich range of experience appropriate for that level. We believe in utilizing children’s strengths to help them stretch and grow.



Active Learning

Through active learning children explore the environment, use a variety of materials and develop their creativity while engaging in purposeful play. The curriculum includes learning objectives, effective adult interaction strategies and assessment measures that help ensure a high-quality experience for all.

Cognitive Ability

We also incorporate the HighScope “plan, do, review” process, which allows children to realize that they can think of something, do it and reflect on it. This creates intentional, purposeful movement through the classroom and helps children develop impulse control by articulating their plan, executing their idea and reflecting on their choices. This sequence also helps children develop problem solving skills, independence and confidence.

Primary Caregiver System

We utilize a primary caregiver system, so your child is assigned to a particular class and teacher. This provides consistency for parent and child. At the same time, Children will interact with many of our staff throughout the different times of the day, which allows children to experience a community of caring adults beyond the home.


neo-highscope believed that young children have a "mathematical mind". The neo-highscope Math includes the development of concepts such as numeration, place value, fractions, and the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using numbers up to 9999. The children develop a concrete understanding of these concepts through the specialized Math materials in the classroom.

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