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Education with Vision

nhbubble PCH Preschool


nhbubble PCH Preschool is located in the Pacific Coast Highway, Lomita. We have different size and type classrooms and a beautiful playground to accommodate our children. Learning with nhbubble Preschool, children are able to develop holistic personality by building advance skills in social, emotional, cognitive, academic, and behavioral domains. In-depth learning and independent learning are highlighted to empower the kids to grow with confidence.


nhbubble has developed proprietary materials and project-based teaching methods aligned with Common Core and the Desired Results Developmental Profile. We believes that the most effective learning occurs when children love the subject, are inspired by it, can relate it to other experiences and feel it is FUN! 

Our Curriculum is presented holistically, so children learn about spiders through art, science, math, and language activities.

nhbubble employs a spiral learning model, so as children grow in the program, each time they learn about spiders they will revisit what they know and expand upon their knowledge by diving deeper each time the topic is presented or arises naturally. 

nhbubble recognizes that learning is an active process between children, teachers, materials and the environment. Teachers are responsive observers, facilitators, guides and historians in each child’s educational journey. 


We take our framework from HighScope. The HighScope approach emphasizes the broad cognitive, social and physical abilities that are important for all children rather than focusing on a child’s deficits. Our program identifies where children are developmentally and then provides a rich range of experience appropriate for that level. We believe in utilizing children’s strengths to help them stretch and grow.

Active Learning

Physical Development

Cognitive Ability

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