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Education with Vision



nhbubble Preschool aims to stimulate children’s development in different domains. Our curriculum focuses on STEAM (Science, Engineering, Technology, Art, Math), culture and EQ. Classes are designed to accommodate both mixed-age learning and age-homogenous learning.


Enlightenment in Classroom

Teachers and children have the opportunity to explore beyond the basic curriculum.

nhbubble Preschool introduces corner-learning, hands-on activities, play-based and project-based pedagogy into early childhood classrooms to enhance logic training and strengthen kids’ skills in real-life application.

Example of the Daily Class Schedule

New schedule.jpg


nhbubble Preschool is dedicated to learning and growing with children in a safe, creative, inspiring, socialized  environment.

We designed programs and materials for different age groups but also provide opportunity of mixed-age learning.

Neo-Highscope Preschool Curriculum

In nhbubble preschool program, we designed Neo-Highscope education model to motivate children’s interest in learning and creating by establishing a curriculum that involve language, literacy, logical training, EQ education, self-care skills, nutrition and wellbeing. We aim to support children, teachers and parents to develop an interactive, innovative and inspiring learning community.

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