My EQ Magic Stories




My Magic EQ Stories: A series of EQ stories that examine emotions and feelings. Using the twelve Chinese zodiac animals, a series of fun, engaging and meaningful stories are written to help children understand different emotions and develop coping mechanisms. Stories include:

  1. The Magical Cheese: Overcome fear

  2. The Broken Vase: Owning mistakes

  3. The Little Monkey Lulu: Empathy and care

  4. Mao Mao and His Sister: Having a sibling

  5. Ban Ban’s New Classmate: Diversity

  6. The Mysterious Conch: Listening to others

  7. A Hou’s Angy Horns: Deal with anger

  8. Miao Miao’s Bow: Asking for help

  9. The Rabbit Painter: Confidence

  10. Big Arms and Small Arms: Hands are not for hitting

  11. Da Ding is Sick: Be polite

  12. First Day at School: Apologize